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George Inness’ Viewfinder :

Judith Reeve demonstrates the use a viewfinder developed by George Inness to create unity of vision.

The Color Investigations of Robert Henri : Presentation by Judith Reeve at the Robert Henri Conference sponsored by the Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery in Cozad Nebraska on October 16, 2021.

The Chromatic Circle : A demonstration of a Chromatic Circle, which was used by Robert Henri and Walter Sargent (produced with assistance from Jim Kingston, a fellow artist).

Denman Ross’ DR IV HC Palette : Judith Reeve recreates a Denman Ross palette from his 1919 book, “The Painter’s Palette.” This practical demonstration uncovers a wide range of color temperatures inherent in this method.

Rabatment Plein Air Practical :

Judith Reeve demonstrates the use of rabatment in a plein air landscape painting situation.