Summer Sessions for Small Groups

Judith Reeve, “Morning Field,” 9 x 12, oil

Use the summer months to concentrate on an area of study such as Plein air painting and the landscape.  Or learn how to produce small, quick pochades that capture a fleeting moment (and you can compactly carry on your summer travels).

I am looking to form small groups of artists with similar goals for their work, providing a crucible of engagement. These sessions would allow artists to learn from my instruction as well as participate in individual critiques within the group. I have found that there is much to learn from our peers as they struggle to reach their goals.

These sessions will meet bi-monthly or weekly over Zoom, depending on the needs of the participants.

Instruction in Landscape Painting Techniques (Plein-air)

The Art of the Quick Pochade

Both include group critiques.

When: June-August 2022
Cost: 3-4 participants in the group, $40/per session of 10 sessions (meeting weekly)

I will provide an introductory session where we can meet as a group and learn about your work, the goals you are seeking, and what I might be able to provide to assist you. This first session is free. Click on the button below to contact me at Attentive Equations and indicate your preference for which group you would like to join.

I am looking forward to meeting you!