Drawing and Painting Classes

Judith Reeve, “Autumn Light,” 12 x 16, oil on board, 2021

Welcome. I am glad that you have reached out and wish to explore some of the drawing and painting classes that I offer.

Presently, I am offering instruction in Drawing and Painting, building on fundamental concepts such as composition, an accurate rendering of forms, value control, line quality, color, palette design, color temperature control, and achieving an emotive effect in one’s image.

All sessions last 90 minutes.

Group classes are available at $25 per person.

Private lessons are tailored to the student’s needs, such as oil painting techniques, color palette design concepts, or for Teens, building a strong portfolio. Private lessons are $65 per session.

I am also offering weekly Critiques to those students who need assistance with an ongoing project. These sessions can be held in my studio or through Zoom. The cost is $65 per session.